Thursday, September 11, 2008

rainy day

Well Motch made it safely to Israel. Unfortunately it rained ALL DAY on my first full day with Leah.
Want to know how I go to the bathroom while it's raining? Here's a video to show you:

That's right -- I don't! I start to venture out there but then I feel the yucky, cold, wet stuff so I turn and run back to safety, and do it over and over again until I get distracted by something in the garage, which, by the way, is filled with glorious treasures.

It's so much fun to eat bugs and pieces of trash, lick the grease off the grill, and taste onions (which, for some inexplicable reason are laying around...?).

Just look at that horrendous rain!

But I'm thankful that's it's only a little rain and nothing serious. We hope everydog in the path of the hurricane/s stays safe and dry!!


Gucci said...

Hehehe that looks like how I went to the bathroom when evil hurricane hannah visited us last weekend! :[


Lorenza said...

Hi, Petra!
I hope Motch is having fun!
That is a video of how you DON'T go to the bathroom!
I hope that rain goes away soon!
Here is raining too. We went out to look for the breadmobile and we could not find it. We came back wet and hungry!
Kisses and hugs

Stella said...

Hey, Petra Fren!

You and Stanley are just alike! He loves the cold, but hates the rain and will try to sneak a whiz from up on the deck instead of going out into the yard when it's raining.

By the way, when you finally DO have to go, will you do it outside or do you wait til you're back inside & then let her fly? I'm just curious. That's all.

Hope the bug bite is going away, and thanks a bunch, chica, for the sweet tater suckers!

Goobery love & kissies,

Peanut said...

So where do you go to the bathroom?

Moco said...

Get out there and go girl. You don't want to explode. I can see that it is easy to get distracted in that garage. Hopefully those hurricanes slow down before they get to land.

Ruby Bleu said...

I don't like to go in the rain either. Lots of fun stuff in the garage but stay away from those onions...they aren't good for us pups!!!

Have fun with Leah and don't let her work ya to hard as her asst!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Stanislaw said...

Why can't we weeble indoors like the humans do? I just don't get the favoritism.

Stay away from those onions. They're not at all safe for us canines to feast on!

Hope you're having fun with Leah!

Suki Sumo said...

Fall and winter make mom seriously consider littler box training us... but cats doodee in the house and I am NOT a cat.

You're such a cutie, P! I'm sure Leah is too cool to be upset with you for the potty rain dance.

Lady Kaos said...

Glad to hear she made it to Israel okay.
I think Leah needs to hold an umbrella over you while you go out to do your business. Otherwise, you'll explode from trying to hold it and we don't want that!!!!
Have a good weekend!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We ditto what Kaos said! Mom always holds an umbrella over us! It helps!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Petra & Leah,
I promised your mom I would check on you both, hope it stopped raining and you can go and play outside. P Pie you be especially nice to Leah for taking such good care of you and don't help her study, she will be better doing it herself. Just lay quiet and when she is finished I bet the two of your will Party! Just make sure the house is neat as a pin and no destuffing your toys.
Love ya
Hugs, bellyrubs, smoochies

Pearly Girl & Nannie

Joe Stains said...

omdog that video of you bopping around instead of peeing is the best!!! I hate the rain too, I just pee on the patio!

Murphy Dogg said...

Hey Petra,
I can't stand going out in the rain! Mama has to shove me out the door and won't let me back in until I go, so I've learned to speed-pee. I swear, I'm out and back in like 15 seconds.
Murphy Dogg