Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm sick

Things didn't turn out the way I expected when they took my insides out. Motch and PA took me to the breeder to get spayed because she wanted to do it. I spent the night at her house and the next morning, I didn't want to go potty because it was very cold outside,so I went into the surgery with a full bladder. As a result, the doctor cut my bladder so I've got stitches holding it together and then I have the normal ones. See my stitches?I'm eating a little and drinking a little but mostly just resting and sleeping. I am going potty all over the house, just little bits here and there because it just comes. Sometimes I shake, too. Anyway, I'm on an antibiotic and I'm getting a lot of attention right now. I like it best when I am held, all cuddled up in my blanket. When Motch can't hold me all the time, I just lay real quiet and still.
The breeder told Motch that all will be well, that I just need time to heal --- like maybe 2 weeks. Motch is nervous about me and spends her time holding me and watching me. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers and whatever it is that you do when you think of me. I hope to get well soon. I'll have Motch keep you posted!


Duke said...

We're sending you major AireZen, Petra! We hope you feel better soon! Shoot! We're sure sorry that this had to happen :-(

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Petra...I'm so sorry. I'm sure you'll be better in no time...but how very scawie for you and Motch & PA. I'm sending lots of good thoughts...

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Moco said...

Horror of horrors terrier sister. Why did they not catherize you and get the urine out before the surgery? I will be crossing my paws and taking extra naps to send you special healing vibes. Better get Stanley to send you goob smooches. They are very healing.

Peanut said...

Oh Petra that sounds awful. We will have all paws crossed that you feel better really really soon.

Poppy said...

Oh no, Petra! I am so sorry that happened to you! Take lots of naps and be very still and I will think of you and send you happy thoughts.


Ozzie, Rocky and Lola said...

Poor Petra! It makes us feel so sad to see you laying there like that! We hope you get back to feeling like your little puppy self very soon kiddo!
Lots of love, licks, prayers and good thoughts,
Ozzie & Rocky

Luckie Girl said...

Oh Petra, I hope you get better soon. Get lotsa rest and don't worry about getting too much attention from the hoomans. You deserve all the attention you can get!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Petra!
Good vibes to you! I hope you feel better soon!
Take care

Joe Stains said...

omdog we are so sorry this happened and have our paws crossed for you. have you gone to the regular V-E-T too to be sure you are a-ok?

Stella said...

Oh, Petra Gurrl!

You, fren, are in my prayers! I'm so sorry that you have the pee problems now, but bet it will all heal up for you.

I'm sending you my most goobery hugs and kissies to heal you. Please tell Motch she can have some of those kissies for her, since I know she prolly needs them too!

Now, try to stay quiet and do whatever Motch & Pa tell you to, okay? Can't wait til you're up and playing with Tad and Fig again.

I'm not a nursey girl, but if you need anything else, I'll make sure you get it.

All the love in my goobette heart,

2shibas said...

Oh, no! Petra, we are so sorry that this has happened to you! You be a good girl and do everything Motch says so you can get better really soon, okay? Keep us posted! We will send all good shiba vibes your way.

Love & healing licks,
Wiley & Fievel

Mack said...

Oh little Petra,
I feel so sad that you had a tough time with your surgery. Please rest up, eat and drink ok and you will be fine.
Keep us posted little one!

Sugars, prayers, healing vibes & well wishes,

Ferndoggle said...

Oh No Petra! We hope you get better real soon. I'm sure Motch is taking excellent care of you. Keep us posted!

crossed paws & puppy prayers,

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Asta said...

Sweetie Petra
I'm so vewy sowwy that you'we huwting and it didn't go smoovly...plee west and heal sweet baby giwl and get all the love and snuggles you can..
I'm sending healing smoochie kisses and pleez let me know if I can do anything else?? do you need a nuwsie?
I love you get well little one

Lady Kaos said...

Poor Petra!! Take it easy and I hope you fell lots better really soon. I'm sending you lots of good doggy vibes to help you get better faster. I say if cuddling in a blanket while being held all day makes you feel better, then that should happen all day long. Maybe everybody could get on a schedule to make sure you're held all day long. Good luck little girl!!

Patches said...

Oh Petra! We hope you are feeling better really fast. I hate to see little pups in pain.

Stanley said...

Hey, Sweet Petra!

It is hard seeing you so subdued and feeling icky, but I hope you are getting all of the healing goober smooches from me and Stella. We love you and wish we could be there to snuggle up with you while you rest.

Keep us posted, and tell Motch to take some goob smooches for herself.

Goober love,

Jen and Suki said...

Oh Petra! I am so so so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Please feel better soon. We're sending lots of love and healing thoughts and prayers for you and Motch and PA.

Asta said...

Sweet Petra
How awe you feeling????
When you'we bettew maybe in the spwing you could come visit and have a giwlie wekend with me's something to look fowawd to..I'm sending mowe healing smoochie kisses

FleasGang said...

Hope you're starting to feel like yourself today, Petra. Surgeries are always scary and even most routine ones can be tricky. Sending our luv.

The FleasGang