Thursday, January 29, 2009

vacation pics

Finally and at last I am back! I had a great time with Leah last week.The weather was cold and I wore my sweater to go outside. Leah only had to shovel the deck once for me due to the snow that scares me and blocks my path to the rocks to do my business.
Motch and PA were in Puerto Rico where they didn't have to wear sweaters or shovel snow.They drove all around the island, up and down and through the mountains.One of the roads led them to a coffee farm where they spent time walking through the coffee plants and learning how coffee grows. Aren't the red cherries pretty? This is how they look when they're ready to be picked.
This is Kurt, who owns the coffee farm. He also grows bananas and oranges, and he gave Motch a cinnamon banana. I wish I could have been there to try one.
Each town they drove through had a square and this is the one in Ponce.Dogs were everywhere in Puerto Rico. They didn't have to wear collars and made themselves at home wherever they went (in the restaurants, on the streets, in the stores, on the farms and in the squares).
Motch's favorite food was rice and beans. She liked tostones, too, which are green bananas (called plantains) that are smashed and deep fried. They kind of taste like french fries. Yum!
Too bad she didn't bring any good food home for me. When she got back, her mind was still on vacation. Can you believe she had the audacity to dish up my food and put in on the floor? Yes -- the floor.
I prefer dining on the coffee counter, thank you!


FleasGang said...

Thank doG your mom and pop are back! We were seriously missing you :-) We checked in on Leah to make sure she was taking good care of you and she gets a passing grade!

Shelly & Tommy

Moco said...

What a lovely vacation. We are hoping that PA got lots of info on coffee to take to the basement.
Poor Motch. She forgot while she was gone where you like to eat. We can see that you gave her some reality orientation.

The Puppies said...

Looks like their vacation was lots of fun! Do you really get to eat on the counter? We are going to have to start lobbying for that privilege! Although i am not sure there is enough counter space for all of us!!!
The Puppies

Kelli said...

Hi Petra!
I'm glad that you're back! It looks like your pawrents had a great time in Puerto Rico! I can't believe the dogs there can just do what they want! Maybe I should move there, my owners never let me have any fun! Plus there's no snow!
:) Tibby

Stanislaw said...

Did your people bring back some beans for their super duper fancy coffee shoppe counter? No wonder you like eating up there. It's like snacking at a cafe!

Duke said...

Mom has seen plantains in the grocery store! She never imagined they tasted like french fries! She figured they tasted like bananas!
We're glad you're back, Petra! We missed you!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Misadventures of Widowhood said...

Your mom's photographs are beautiful. What a great place to vacation.


leah said...

Great pictures!

Psst... Let's not tell Motch that I hand-fed you while she was gone because you refused to eat out of the dish!

Bae Bae said...

Oh.. good that you're back. Looks like Motch had a pawsome vacation.

~ Bae

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh little P, I'm so glad you are back...I really missed you. So those doggies just hang out? Do they have people that belong to them??? They look pretty chill if you ask me!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Stella said...

Petra Fren!!!

Welcome back to you (to your blog) and to Motch & Pa!

The photos of Puerto Rico are bootiful, and those dogs all looked very relaxed and like they owned that little park. I too am a nanner afficionado and would like someday to try a cinnamon nanner. Mmmmmm... nanners...

I know you and Leah had a lot of fun. Did you do anything that will get you guys into trouble if Motch finds out? I'm guessing that if you did you probably covered your tracks well.

Glad you're back up on the coffee counter where you belong! Looks like a regular Starbucks there!

Goobery love & kissies,
Stella Bean (not coffee bean)

Lady Kaos said...

I bet you had way more fun with Leah than Motch did so far away from you! Hopefully she'll get her mind back where it belongs - totally and only on you!

Joe Stains said...

Looks like they had a fun trip. I bet you would have made some great toots after having beans and rice! Sorry she tried to make you eat off the floor, she clearly lost her mind.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Petra!
Sure you are happy with Motch and PA at home!
Glad they had a pawesome trip! Puerto Rico is a beautiful place!
Now I know you fav place to have your food!
Kisses and hugs

Mack said...

Pretty Petra Pie:
I know you are so glad to see Motch and PA. But eating on the floor? What's up with that?

MJ's doghouse said...

dont tell anyone little petra pie..but sometimes i am too lazy to while i am lying on the couch my mom hand feeds me wet food with a spoon while i gotta love her...but she isnt too smart sometimes