Wednesday, December 5, 2007

santa paws strap

After seeing Joey Claus, Motch decided to dress me up in this santa paws hat. It didn't work.

She didn't understand that this hat was made to be chewed, not worn.

I think I resemble Joey a little here, though. It's the eyes, you know?

It's amazing how many things around the house have straps. They are my favoritest of all.


Joe Stains said...

good job Petra, you definitely look like me and THAT is a good thing! Good job on not letting them dress you up!

Peanut said...

Oh you do look like Joe. How cool is that. Don't get Tanner's wandering eye though that would be scary.

leah said...

ha! that last picture is great!

Stanley said...

Petra Girl!

Good for you! STella & I couldn't agree more. Those hats are good for only a couple of things... like tugging, chewing, and maybe a place to hide unwanted waste products of an organic nature.

Goober love,