Sunday, December 30, 2007

christmas giving

This was my first Christmas, and I just didn't realize how busy I would be. It was so much fun giving presents to everybody. I gave Fig a blanket, one just like mine, because she likes to snuggle to keep warm.

And I gave Tad a sweater because the little naked chinese guy gets cold so easily.

And guess what? I got a bully stick from Fig & Tad. I didn't know what a bully stick was, but I soon discovered just how good it tasted.

And our afternoon nap was heavenly, too.


Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Petra...
Bully stix are the bestest!!! What nice prezzies you gave Fig & Tad!!! You have a great family!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Peanut said...

Bully sticks are the best ever. You all look so comfy sleeping there

Joe Stains said...

You sure give great presents. Bully sticks RULE.

Luckie Girl said...

Happy New Year Petra!! :) You surely know how to pick those gifts. hehe

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey buddy,

Welcome to - it is great to meet you and i am sure you will make lots of new friends here :-)


Mack said...

Looks like you guys had the perfect Christmas: bully sticks followed by nappies!

Lady Kaos said...

Those were some very thoughtful presents Petra. Good job! Looks like your first Christmas was a great one!
Happy New Year!

Asta said...

I'm so glad you had such agweat fiwst Chwissmuss!!
You gave some bootiful pwesents to Fig and Tad..he looks tewwific in his sweatew!
I hope all o you have a vewy Healthy Happy New Yeaw and we'll have many mowe adventoowes togethew..i love you all and thank you fow being my fwiend too
smoochie kisses

Balboa said...

what great gifts!!!!! Mommy loves that pic of all you sleeping.

Happy New Year to you & your family

Frenchie Snorts

Stella said...


ANYthing that ends with sunning yourself with the cousins has GOT to be a good day. You're so sweet to Fig & Taddy!

I's catching up since I been away from the pooter for over a week. Stanley's been spying on me. Come see what he found out.

Gooby love & kissies,